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An Important Message:

An Important Message:

Thank you for your fer dorty dor!

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Lucky we live

I had so much planned for this website.

I wanted to do something great.

This is, after all, the first post in a new blog.

I wanted to pop the cherry by writing a fun story.  I wanted to paint a beautiful scene, to take you somewhere interesting… wanted to explain who I am, what I stand for, what I care about, all that crap, but me, my husband and our 5 kids had a very long day filled with sun and sports and I’m pooped.  So I’ll leave you with a little snippet of my morning:

Ko'olau Mountains, Oahu Hawai'i

Ko’olau Mountains, Oahu Hawai’i

and I’ll end with a chunk of tonight:

tucking the babies in

tucking the babies in

there you have it.

Lucky we live.

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