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A few years ago (okay maybe more than a few; more like a quarter of a century) there was a radio station here in the islands called Radio Free Hawaii. They were completely original in idea, in execution, and in musical selection.

Sheriff Norm, who owned and ran the station from Waipahu, O’ahu allowed listeners to vote for music that would be aired via ballot. These ballots were at every Jelly’s books and music store and listeners could either opt to select pre-written songs or fill in their own.

There was no prejudice, no pushing for certain songs that weren’t good but got play because they were on the popular list, none of that. Because of this, my generation’s musical tastes expanded, our minds opened to a myriad of songs that were not aired on ‘normal’ radio waves. Sesame Street’s Rubber Ducky would play back to back with Ministry or Metallica. Nat King Cole would follow Billy Ray Cyrus and lead Arrested Development as Pachebel’s Canon in D made way for Dance Hall Crashers, local bands, Hawaiian music, or songs like this by Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can:

With all the suck my ‘D’ F this and F that shake that A titty titty sex slut garbage they play on the stations now (including apps like pandora and iheartradio) it’s nice to escape to simple songs with lyrics that don’t make me want to scrape my face off with a dull spoon.

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To When

TBT to when I did this for a “living.”

Photo by Russel Tanoue

Photo by Russel Tanoue

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