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He couldn’t get in

so he shattered the window

but he cut himself

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He wrote about the gritty sand beneath his feet, the curl of the ocean’s lip, the pearl colored foam– he wrote with expertise and yet– he never touched a beach.

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Makena’s Shadow Reviewed by Kirkus

So my most recent novel, Makena’s Shadow was critiqued by Kirkus Reviews… I was so afraid to open it because I read a lot of negative things from other writers, so I had my husband read it first. I’m happy with it. Read it here if you’re curious. If not, it’s okay. I’m putting it on my blog so I know where to find it.

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to other writers and to myself:

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An app story

I was going through my phone apps and tried to login to an old one called, Write Now! It gave you the beginning of a story and a set number of words to finish it in. Unfortunately it’s not working anymore, which blows the big bubble because it was a really fun app. I deleted it but saved this story I wrote because I thought it was nice.


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