Writing Resume

Poetry Published:

The Feast

Fingernail Hawaiian

published by ‘Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal Volume 4: Kupa’a Makou Mahope ‘o ka ‘Aina in 2011

Love/Hate: An e-chapbook published in 2014

The Cow’s Fault 


published in 2015 at Five 2 One Magazine’s Literary Sideshow

No Artificial Colors : An e-chapbook, published Oct, 2015

Short Stories:

Da Fall in Da Usher House : An Adaptation of of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher published by Vice-Versa Journal, Fall 2010

Dass Why Hahd published by Hawai’i Review, Issue #73, Winter 2010

Be the Goddess published by Luna Station Quarterly, 2012

Nigerian Prince published by Nat.Brut, 2014

Mama’s Dramas the book published May, 2015


Fricken Kids published by Makali’i Productions, 2013

Makena’s Shadow, published by Hoku Books 2015


Honolulu Parenting Examiner (2008-2016)

Music/Staff writer for Leeward Community College’s Ka Mana’o Newspaper (1993-1995)

Song lyrics:

  • Hero (co-written with artist, Kukahi)
  • Ghost Story
  • Edge of the World
  • Trouble
  • That Girl

From the self-titled album Kukahi

  • Throw Out the Bong (co-written with artist, Kukahi)
  • I Am the Earth
  • Live Out Your Dreams
  • I’ll Be Here
  • We Got Each Other (co-written with artist, Kukahi)
  • Love in Vain
  • Waiting For You (co-written with artist, Kukahi)
  • I Don’t Like You (co-written with artist, Kukahi)
  • Hey (co-written with artist, Kukahi)

From the album Human by Kukahi

Author Readings:

M.I.A. Honolulu, release party for Hawai’i Review Winter 2011, #73: read my story, Dass Why Hahd

Native Books Hawai’i, end of makahiki party: poems from ‘Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal

Other blogs:

www.mamasdramas.wordpress.com (est. 2008)

www.wordcrisps.tumblr.com (est. 2010)


Bachelors of Arts in English, Chaminade University

Additional writing classes taken at Harvard Extension, Gotham Writers Workshop NYC starting 2005

Media Coverage:

 Midweek article, July 2013 An Interview regarding my newly released book, “Fricken Kids”

Other Experience:

Copywriter: Ad work, employee handbooks, web page writing, other literature for retail and service based companies.


Current Projects:

Working on a novel, and a short story compilation.

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